UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII


 Due to Photobucket's scandalas retrospective block on 3rd party posting
I am having to reinsert all photos via,  so bare with me.

Peter Lee's VW based, Eagle SS MkIII .


(That's Zulu for Eagle, just in case you were wondering)



Eagle SS MkIII, VW based 1641cc, Built 1995


Some of the photos are direct from my camera so they are a bit small & low res' 
but new ones are being added all the time to replace them.

This car had been on the road and attended a few shows in the late 90's  Problem is every time I see a good idea I want to incorporate it into my car, so off the road again, sometimes it works and sometimes I have to rescue the fiberglass again. When I need a part or assembly to satisfy a function I draw a mental picture as to what it should look like, take a few basic dimensions and trek off to the scrappy. As long as you are polite you can normally change a part a couple or three times until you get one that suits.

Now undergoing a no expenses spared complete overhaul, engine rebuild, new brakes, electrics, reversing cameras, electric gull wing doors, digital instruments, transducer/button starting, LED display lighting, re-trim and re-paint.


  EBay sellers involved and highly recommended,
Pimppride, Bugracer, jjmoneyhogg, Alfa1750, carpetdiscounts.


Great source of info 
also see technical page for lots of useful technical links





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