UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Bodywork and exterior mods.

  Body and exterior.

The rear area was the only major change as I wanted to keep the car as original as possible whilst still stamping my own identity on it.

I didn't like the rear looking like a darn caravan so I binned the bolt on light units supplied and went for a built in look.

A Vauxhall Cavalier MkII rear end complete matched the angles and looks good but was 4" too wide so I cut the ends of the centre reflectors by 2" and shut the metal backing in the centre. The whole shortened assembly was bonded into a large slot cut into the tail and blended in and a bit of spray paint. Today I would almost certainly go for the Corvette look with four of  4" round LED light units.

The rear bumper was from a MkII Golf with the sides trimmed to the correct angle and fixed with the original brackets and kitted out with a reversing sensor kit.

A colour mini camera is mounted above the number plate connected to the 7" radio/multiunit in the centre consul for reversing.

As I didn't want to have a lock sticking out of the boot lid I fitted a "bear claw" catch to the boot and a pin to the lid and opened it with the Cavalier solenoid, it is operated from a switch on the centre console.

The front end including the pop-up 928 headlights and doors remain standard., the only "styling" I have done is the addition of Sierra Cosworth bonnet vents into the rear body to vent hot air from the engine compartment.

I would prefer a rear end more in keeping with the Nova MKIV though to hide the exhaust system a bit more but maybe a 'defuser' would work. 



Mini Cooper S repeaters with an extra 'S', cost a fortune to do as one has to buy two pairs and bin most of the second pair but well worth the effort to produce a unique repeater,  I have added  a pair of Cooper 'S' boot badges to the rear too.

Further to the work already done I have managed to install or modify the following;
gas struts to boot lid.
Gas strut to bonnet
Radio and GPS anttena in shark fin housing
Off-white perforated headlining.
12V sub system to doors for new LED marker lights front and rear and a 'puddle light' next to door latch
New grey carpets
New seats
Change front indicator/sidelights to LED combo units.

Fit four LED 'running lights' into side 'gills either side of nose
Fittd new door seal rubbers
and a new bonnet badge recessed in the nose.

Latest result of plan 'B', is "Remote controlled electric Gull Wing doors".

Only phone video so far of raising up and down.

Linear actuators are 12v 3a, 600N at 27mm/sec with a 8" travel, I used the original door mounting on the body and a new bracket fir the rose joint on the doors roof.

I drilled and tapped the ends and studded to M8 so I could fit the original gas strut ball end to the bottom and a M8 rose joint to the top, basically so I get 1/2 turn adjustment at the rose joint not one turn with the ball joint, stronger too.

See it working here.

These were supplied on Ebay by seller OPNE and dispatched via DHL so only 5 days from Hong Kong to Marbella, Spain.
Total cost per unit was just on $100 including DHL shipping, ( but ask for $20 customs declaration so avoiding import duty) and operates via a 4 channel interlatching relay remote control costing about $8. also from many sellers in China on Ebay.

Bonnet has been wrapped in carbon fiber nad catches fitted in rear corners.

And gas struts fitted

Next CF wrap, engine cover and mirrors.


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