UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII


Some of the gadgets and systems developed.

Main "central connection board.
featured here is the 40A 'jumbo' main ignition fuse

The board contains a cobra CAT1 alarm, 180A relay to switch ignition, (currently no acc' position)
36 connections, shown with internal only connection prior to front, rear and dash looms being added.
Starter button which also switches the latching relay.
Flasher relay

Two remote controlled 4 way relays, left is toggleing for doors and right is latching for LED display lighting, (under car, engine, cabin, scanning (nightrider) in bonnet (hood).

Doors are electrically opperated by 20cm actuators, 8 seconds to open, 7 to close.
Door mountings for actuators

Bear claw catches, electricaly opened by 'up' command of actuator

Blind spot cameras mounted just behind doors.

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