UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Front end, brakes, steering


Brakes and steering


Bracket welded to frame head, Citroen C15 rack and pinion.

CV boot

Alloy column support

Standard caliper mounting lugs were cut off,
inboard area towards the centre ground flat
6mm hole
opened up to 10mm to take brackets 
for Mazda RX7 calipers which turned out to be too big,
so I had to
repair and make adapter brackets to interface the Wilwoods and the spindle, dough!
I needn't have cut anything to fit Wilwoods to VW uprights.

Radial adapter brackets.
I will make one piece ones when time and funds allow.

Wilwoods in place

Citroen C15 (-120mm) steering rack, fluid pipes (from right side) 
red lump is battery box                  


Fuse and relay boxes,Escort MkIII fan, 3 way SVA fluid container, battery, 

Fluid pipes, under and well clear of steering

Alloy steering support for Triumph Dolomite adjustable column,
Wiper motor "stuck on" with "Sikoflex",  
Steering support, sleeve and boot through bulkhead,
Pedals will be changed  with a bit of benfing to space them out for sixe 10 boots
.and get small alloy "sports" covers, maybe.

New pedals with roller throttle, still need to space out the pedals though.

Steering column boot from a CV Joint  kit



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