UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Interior trim and console

Most of the work this year or so has been to the interior, I have changed my design a few times, as usual, but finally settled on this one.

Making the dashboard is normally done by making a plug from wood, foam etc. and then casting a mould of that and then moulding a finished item in glass fibre, I just went for wood straight off as it's easy to work, less work and stronger and lighter and I can fire staples into it for trimming..

Starting with  the arm rest and hand brake cover I had to work within parameters such as space between seats, width of handbrake cable pulleys and height of handbrake and well as the box I bought as an arm rest.

Final concept drawing

basic frame of centre console, the base with the black covering is a solid 10mm thick ply box, as is the back panel and base of the upper part, the top and sides are in 3mm three ply.

Sides in place, already very strong.

Lower front panel and inner shelf for radio (2DIN) side faux leather side trims
gear shift  trim and ring, the three forward bolts in the ring secure the top and base as well as a screw near the front.

Switches and radio in alloy trim facia on and speedo in place,
LED cabin effect lights working.



(old photo, pre-slim down) Fully assembled with speedo cover on, this forms the centre of the dashboard too.
Speedo was changed from MG to Astra GT

Underside of arm rest,

Arm rest with alloy trim ready to pop over the handbrake.
The two holes in the front are for the two rear screws
in the gear change ring, thereby holding it all together
as well a bracket behind the handbrake lever and the rear and
a mounting at the front off of the gear change.

and in place with Simoni handle cover.

Change of speedo has meant a redesign and a one piece centre unit.

New Astra speedo and 6.9" radio DVD, camera etc.

And custom stalks on the triumph switches.

Continuing the carbon fiber theme the cowl is wrapped too.
the ignition switch has been replaced by a Durite hazard switch.

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