UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII



The inside has undergone many changes from the original build in '95, mainly the dash.

When I sit in a car the dash and centre console are the most important things to me,
it has to look right, be ergonomic, (I hate reaching for things when I'm driving) and feel good.

The new left hand drive look is a bright 'retro' theme.

Real alloy "checker plate " 'carpets' and front bulkhead,
leather cloth re-designed dash and door panels.

Steering wheel is a modern space age job to match the seat material, same with the red trim<

Volvo 240 handbrake assemble bolted flat to centre tunnel with 'Simoni Racing' chrome and red leather handle (this was a sod as the Volvo handle is not round and had to be shortened 1/2" and  bashed,"reworked", round to fit inside the chrome one),
10mm handbrake cable tubes had to be made to fit over, rather than inside, the chassis.


Skoda Estelle / Rapide1300 gear shifter, fitted into the old handbrake hole and bolted in with M6 and M6 Rivnuts.

Locost pedal box with hydraulic clutch and -skateboard wheel roller throttle.
I had to 'form' the clutch pedal to the left and the throttle roller to the rigjt as well as make a new arm for it to clear the bias adjustment cable.




Bulkhead hides fuel tank (Triumph 2000 MKII)
but another source of more recent tanks would be the Mercedes 190E or 220 series.

I know now I should have fitted the tank the other way round and over the gearbox more so the filler was on the right but I was in the UK so left filler made sense, than.

Out of shot is a 300w 10" woofer,600 watts of amps (4x100 and 2x100) across the middle and
a 8" three way Alpine speakers either side of these with a 10" 300W woofer below.2x 6" three way in the kick panels.


As of 2015, new seats that actually FIT!
(switches etc have been changed, see below)
I have found a supplier of vinyl wrap that is an exact match for the red and black carbon fibre look of the seats so I will be re-doing some of the interior with that.

Headlining and clock, SAAB 99 grab handles, for heaving in and oit.

All new slimmer centre console, handbrake cover and dash.
made from plywood, and with 6.25" radio,dvd, bluetooth, etc unit


Completed 2016 console with door buttons, start button and switches,
Radio, DVD, GPS, etc  Astra GTE speedo



Inside the arm rest are 12v accessory and USB power sockets

Before you embark on a "good idea" stop and think for a day or three, "is it really needed?" I am in the middle of ripping out a lot of the things I thought were "a good idea at the time" a few years ago and find that keeping it simple, classy and solid is the best way forward, spending ones' money on engine and brakes is a better bet and bodging up a wiring harness from odds and sods from scrape cars was a very bad idea, it cost more to buy all the cables and fittings new but so much better and easier in the long run. In fact if anything has been learnt over the past 20 years on this car alone its, do it once and do it right, if you can't afford to do it right, (like using AN fittings on your hoses) wait!




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