UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Bodywork and exterior mods.

  Body and exterior.

The rear area was the only major change as I wanted to keep the car as original as possible whilst still stamping my own identity on it.

I didn't like the rear looking like a darn caravan so I binned the bolt on light units supplied and went for a built in look.

A Vauxhall Cavalier MkII rear end complete matched the angles and looks good but was 4" too wide so I cut the ends of the centre reflectors by 2" and shut the metal backing in the centre. The whole shortened assembly was bonded into a large slot cut into the tail and blended in and a bit of spray paint. Today I would almost certainly go for the Corvette look with four x 4" round LED light units.

The rear bumper was from a MkII Golf with the sides trimmed to the correct angle and fixed with the original brackets and kitted out with a reversing sensor kit.

A colour mini camera is mounted above the number plate connected to the radio/multiunit in the centre consul for reversing.

As I didn't want to have a lock sticking out of the boot lid I fitted a "bear claw" catch to the boot and a pin to the lid and opened it with the Cavalier solenoid, it is operated from a switch in the left door opening.

The front end including the pop-up 928 headlights and doors remain standard., the only "styling" I have done is the addition of Sierra Cosworth bonnet vents into the rear body to vent hot air from the engine compartment.




I would prefer a rear end more in keeping with the Nova MKIV though to hide the exhaust system a bit more but maybe a 'defuser' would work.

Mini Cooper S repeaters with an extra 'S', cost a fortune to do as one has to buy two pairs and bin most of the second pair but well worth the effort to produce a unique repeater,  I have added  a pair of Cooper 'S' boot badges to the rear too.


Carbon fibre wrap to bonnet

Aero style catches