UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII


Some of the gadgets and systems developed.

Main "central connection board.

The board contains all connections from dash, front, rear and console,
56 connections, shown with internal only connection prior to front, rear and dash looms being added.
Starter button relay.

Two remote controlled 4 way relays, left is toggleing for door relays below and right is latching for LED display lighting, (under car, engine, cabin, scanning (nightrider) in bonnet (hood).

Blind spot cameras mounted just behind doors.
These are connected via a Y cable to the radio's 'front camera' RCA inpurt and switchable L or off or R.
Mainly for parking or in heavy traffic where things are tight., not for driving.

New switches for )L to R) Side/head lights, Front/rear fog, fans speed 1 & 2
and buttons with radio remote to door relays-