UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Engine cost XL

VW-AH 1600 dual valve crankcase with full flow conversion and;. £ price
Total parts,
Plus post and labour, say 6,000
1600 engine. 225.00
Scat 69mm counter-balanced forged molychrome crank, 145.00
Scat balanced, racing 'H' section rods. 267.00
German main bearings Kolbenschmidt 9.75
Scat Pro.12.5 Lb molychrome flywheel, 139.00
Kennedy 1700 pressure plate, 112.00
Kush-loc racing clutch plate. 59.00
Main Bearings std OEM Std +1mm D/D +1MM 19.50
Empi Molychrome billet gland / flywheel bolt. 30.00
New later type thrust bearing. 11.49
South Speed Sport's slave cylinder 80.00
J tubes 21.95
B.A.S. Ahnendorp exhaust 495.00
Saco saver kit on transmission case. 26.50
Engel 110 cam with new bearings, 95.00
Scat alloy gear with Empi cam bolts. 8.50
Scat lightweight racing followers lifters. 45.00
Scat molychrome push rods. 38.00
Clauuds buggiws extended sump 65.00
HP oil pump 18.50
Clutch 'wing nut' 1.00
Scat 1:25 bolt on rocker kit. 139.00
Polished 044 heads with 40 x 35.5 stainless steel swirled valves. 259.95
Scat duel springs 49.00
Case saber inserts 16.00
Scat bolt-on alloy rocker cover. 44.50
Empi molychrome rocker studs (do not use Bugpack, they snap like carrots). 11.95
Dual Dell'Orto DRLA 40s carburettors  220.00
CB alloy stacks - gas flowed. 80.00
CB sports bolt on 3 1/2" filters with the carb linkage brackets trimmed off and polished. 80.00
Home made all alloy cable and pulley throttle kit. 20.00
'Facet' red fuel pump on rubber mounts, adjustable fuel regulator, large glass in-line flter. full AN6 fittings. 15.00
Inline fuel pump and filter units plus AN fittings,(replacing above Facet unit) 10.59
Bosh 094 chrome dizzy 37.00
Fuel pressure regulator with gauge 17.00
Empi billet dizzy clamp, 25.00
Pertronix 'Flame thrower'  HT coil 52.00
Electronic ignition module, (expensive Petronix umit died) 19.95
Scat 8mm red HT silicon leads in alloy tube. 12.95
Empi alloy calibrated "power" pulley. 19.50
Billet alloy alternator pulley 24.00
Scat chromed pulley bolt. 20.00
A & A 1641cc cylinders & pistons, 135.00
Scat racing circlips 30.00
Bugpack centre mounted, polished, alloy fan housing/alternator stand and engine covers, (no more rust). 195.00
Type IV "cool tin" under covers. 14.00
Polished alloy cylinder covers 135.00
Bugpack two piece adjustable push rod tubes. 86.90
Chrome alternator backing plate. 17.00
Empi billet  fuel pump blank off plate. 20.00
Brazilian alternator upgrade 75.00
Dynaflo remote oil cooler  25.00
via alloy ducting. Right scoop delivers air to engine fan input area. 20.00
Full flow remote oil filter kit with finned cool cover. 119.00
Empi breather kit 25.00
Fan switch 39.95
Earls AN fittings 86.47
Oil cooler fittings 9.95
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