UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Front end, brakes, steering


Fromt brakes and steering


Bracket welded to frame head, Citroen C15 rack and pinion.

CV boot

Alloy column support and boot collar


Standard caliper mounting lugs were cut off,
inboard area towards the centre ground flat

Radial adapter brackets
Ball joints are speciel ones for lowerd suspension
Steering ball joints are also revered using 'anti-bump stop bushes.

Fuse and relay boxes,Escort MkIII fan, 3 way SVA fluid container, battery, 
Silver case is full of wheel stuff like mini compressor, punture plug kit, gloves etc.

New pedals with roller throttle, still need to space out the pedals though.


Like this, (PaintShopPro 4)