UKHOZI, (Black Eagle)
Eagle SS MkIII

Lighting and show stuff

Lighting, LEDs and bling

I have gone a bit bonkers with the light effects.
Showing DRLs and door markers.

All along the sides and under the nose are blue LEDS, 360 of them. The 'vents' in the nose now sport 4 x 9 led 'running lights' and the engine bay has concealed blue LEDS. Puddle lights in doors with ambeer frot and red rear markers.

Inside there are 30 red LEDs under each seat front and back and behind the centre console, lighting up the floor and under dash areas 
The red plastic bonnet badge has been binned is now a cast metal disc with an Eagle on black

new bonnet badge

Indicator side repeaters are unique and made from two pairs of Mini Cooper S repeaters with just the S transfered from one to make the SS logo.

Relay board with two remote controlled 4 way relays, left one for the door and right one for LED lights.

Under body lighting 360 LEDs

The car now has combo side light indicators with fog lights. made up of two separate units, one side/indicator combo and above that a fog light strip.


New self aligniig bearings make the lights very smotth and much quiteter

Lifter is from a MkII Land Rover wiper.

headlights are copies of the Porshe 928 (above) but with one piecce bowles.

The MkII SS also copied the 928 front nose section but was dropped in the MkII version

The rear ligts are from a Vauxhall (Opel) Caviler MkII. The centre section was cut and overlapped by 4·inches, (10cm) and the licence plate surround by 2" each with the outer ends cut off and replaced.

High level brake light mounted in rear of roof.

Reverse view camera above number plate